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Wholesale Microflament Face Mask Box of 40

Wholesale Microflament Face Mask Box of 40

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Perfect Sales Item For A Convenience Store, Book Store, Gas Station, Tobacco Stores or Any Store

This is a great opportunity for a very hot item.

  • Great display by the cash register, very easy to assemble your self.
  • High Profits ( 100% or More ). Retails @$5.99/ pc. The more you buy cheaper you get for better profits.
  • You can buy 10 masks to try ( No Display with trial package ).
  • Sells very fast, won't stay long by your cash register.
  • FREE SHIPPING right to your store.
  • Order and get it in 3 days. Start selling as soon as you get them.
  • A great product, which is vey easy to wash, reuse several times and explain it to your customers.
  • Nose wire, breathable, anti-allergic, no smells, nor makes you sweat.
  • 92,7 % virus protection from Corona or any virus out there.
  • The continuous customer base for a long while.
  • Great Designs, your customers will love.
  • English explanation written in the front or back.
  • ALL MIXED. One of each design. No, pick, and choose designs.
  • Use PayPal for your protection.
  • 100% Guaranteed that it will sell. Return anytime unsold portion for a full refund. ( Only pay basic return US Shipping ).
  • Will be shipped to you very next day UPS with a tracking code.




Did you know that our masks have test results to show that has a Bacterial Penetration Rate of 92.7%?

This means that it keeps 92.7% of unwanted bacteria and viruses out and helps you stay safe. NO OTHER CLOTH MASKS CAN CLAIM THIS. They may look and feel thick, few layers but they do not protect you at all. Even though our mask helps save you from COVID 19,  because of the special material that s made it is also lightweight, easy to breathe in cheap, and reusable ( washable ). Unlike one time masks, it is made with 110 gr of special material meanwhile, the best medical mask is 65 gr.

These are masks made in heaven with a style.

You can pick and choose colors to match your outfit. You can change as you change your clothes. So stylish yet helps protect you from viruses.

It could be washed many times ( It has tested for 30 in the Lab ) and reusable Microflament Cloth face mask.

Please note: This mask was intended to use for the general public, for daily use. It is not made to use in the hospital or medical proceedings ( operation room or E.R )

        • Helps protect you from viruses and great for daily use.
        • Multi-use, It is tested in labs for 30 wash 
        • Extra loose rubber which will not bother or harm your ears.
        • Don't make you sweat or any smell.
        • Easy to Breath.
        • There is a bendable  wire for your correct fit and nose comfort
        • Totally washable with 60-90 °C boiling hot water
        • Just keep it in there for 5 minutes. No need for hand or machine wash. All viruses will die in boiling water.
        • Anti-allergic and Anti-bacterial.
        • No Latex or PVC.
        • ISO 9001 2015 Quality Control and ISO 13485 2016 Medical Machine Quality Systems certified.
        • By adjusting ear bands you can use this for children as well.
        • Unisex.
        • Intended use is for General Public.
        • Not a surgery mask.
        • Made In Turkey.

    How to wash our masks:

    • Begin by boiling your water.
    • Pour a generous amount of detergent into the water. ANY DETERGENT OR EVEN ALCOHOL WILL DO BUT DO NOT POUR IN ANY BLEACH PRODUCTS.
    • Put your masks inside for 5 minutes. 5 minutes in boiling water will sterilize the mask and kill off any bacteria and viruses.
    • Stir with any viable kitchen utensils. Please do not use your hands.
    • Using the utensil (and not your hands), pull the mask out from the boiling water and rinse with cold water to wash away the detergent.
    • Repeat after each day of use. 

      Tests that were applied:

      EKOTEKS Labs

      Bacterial Filteration Test  TS EN 14683 EK-B
      Breathability Test TS EN 14683 EK-B
      Washing Test TS EN ISO 6530 6N 60
      Microbial Cleanness Test TS EN ISO 11737-1


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